Podcast: How to Make Black Friday Planet-Friendly

The biggest shopping day of the year is fast approaching and the rampant overconsumption that has been known to accompany Black Friday has devastating effects on the planet. Rather than a complete boycott of the day, Healthy Seas has a better concept- Blue Friday! This is the idea of shopping sustainably and ethically.

Our guests are Laura in Waterland, an oceans and sustainability advocate, and Curra Rotondo, the co-founder and CEO of the brand, Lefrik. We talk about why having a Blue Friday is the way to go and how we all can support Healthy Seas on this day through a campaign that Lefrik has organized.

Bonus Tip! Buy yourself or a loved one a bag from Lefrik during the Black Blue Friday weekend and 15% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Healthy Seas!


  • How is overconsumption bad for the planet?
  • How can we shop more sustainably?
  • What does an ethical company look like?


Ten Tips to Have a Blue Friday  (to go deeper with these, be sure to check out Laura’s blog post here on Healthy Seas)

  1. Bring your own shopping bags
  2. Ask yourself the right questions and make a list
  3. Buy from ethical brands
  4. Be cruelty-free
  5. Gift an experience
  6. Support small and local businesses
  7. Choose story over bargain
  8. Purchase eco items
  9. Make a donation
  10. Try second hand

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