A thing of true beauty is a joy forever

The beauty of a product doesn’t just come from its looks, it also comes from within.
Our partners give consumers a responsible choice of products which tell the powerful story of the journey from waste to wear.

A Journey from Waste to Wear: The Process

Fishing nets recovered by Healthy Seas enter the ECONYL® regeneration system, the innovative process by Aquafil that allows the transformation of nylon waste such as fishing nets and other discarded materials into first grade nylon. The regenerated nylon yarn has the same quality as virgin nylon from fossil raw material, it is infinitely recyclable and can unleash infinite possibilities for interior and fashion designers, creators and consumers.


Marine Protection

Fishing nets are collected in cooperation with volunteer
divers and fishermen.


ECONYL® Regeneration

Aquafil regenerates the waste fishing nets, along with
other nylon waste, into ECONYL® yarn.


Brand Creations

Our partners use regenerated nylon to create sportswear, swimwear, socks, carpets and more.

A New Way of Consuming

1 ton of nylon waste (including nets)
provides enough recycled nylon yarn for

23.000pairs of socks


900 m2of carpet tiles

What about the nets that are not made of nylon?

They can also be turned into something beautiful!

Bracenet upcycles recovered
ghost nets into accessories.


Discover Sustainable Brand Creations

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