Cleaning the seas of marine litter

Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to tackle the ghost fishing phenomenon which is responsible for the needless death of marine animals. Through cleanups with volunteer divers and by working with stakeholders of the fishing sector toward marine litter prevention, we collect waste nets and ensure they become a valuable resource.

We’re All in it Together for a Sea Change

Our approach contributes toward a solution to ocean pollution, now and for the future.

Nylon fishing nets are regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn while the other types of plastics are also reused or recycled.

Marine Protection

We recover fishing nets with volunteer divers, prevent litter from ending up in the seas and raise public awareness.


ECONYL® Regeneration

Aquafil regenerates the recovered nets – together with other nylon waste – into brand new ECONYL® yarn for the fashion and interior industries.


Brand Creations

Fashion and interior industries use the high quality ECONYL® yarn for brand new apparel, carpets and special projects made with nylon.


Founding Partners

Ghost Diving is an international non-profit organization of volunteer technical divers specialized in the removal of lost fishing gear and other marine debris since 2009. The organization was formerly known as Ghost Fishing.

Founded in 1965, Aquafil is one of the main producers of nylon 6 in Italy and in the world. Aquafil Group is established in 7 countries and in 3 different continents, it employs more than 2.900 people working in 16 producing plants located in Italy, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Croatia, United States, Thailand and China. In 2011 Aquafil implemented ECONYL® Regeneration System, an innovative system that produces nylon 6 from pre and post-consumer waste.

Star Sock was the first in line to take on the journey from waste to wear with their Healthy Seas Socks collection. Since its establishment in 1996, Star Sock has licensed socks to several well-known brands and has become a trusted sock-partner for the international retail market. Star Sock continues to spread their passion for the sea with their socks, all while inspiring others to join for positive footprints.

Get Inspired, Get Excited- Just Like Us!

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Board Advisor