Our partnership with Hyundai kicked off its first non-European clean-up activity in South Korea. From 28 and 29 October and 12 to 14 November, the Ghost Diving Korea team conducted two clean-up missions in the Gangwon and Namae provinces in northeast South Korea.

During these clean-ups, nine volunteer divers retrieved 425 kilogrammes of ghost nets and lost cages after six dives. In the future, Ghost Diving Korea’s many volunteers will organise underwater clean-ups on a regular basis.

Although the deep seawater is rich in inorganic nutrients that foster the growth and development of marine plants which house numerous marine organisms, over the past few years, abandoned fishing gear and other rubbish have become an increasing threat to the underwater ecosystems.

Every piece of ghost net removed from the ocean is one less threat to marine life. Millions of animals get caught in these deadly traps, and this, in turn, attracts larger predators that also get entangled, perpetuating a cycle of death. We are very proud to have expanded our cooperation with Hyundai Motor to Korea, where the sea conditions are often as challenging as in the North Sea, where our work began.