On October 5th,World Teachers’ Day, together with our founding partner Aquafil, we launched our partnership with Ekošola in Slovenia.

Eco-Schools is an internationally established programme of integrated environmental education and training, aimed at promoting and increasing awareness of sustainable development among children, pupils and students through their active involvement in the local community and beyond.

For our first activities, we carried out an in-depth workshop on circular economy and we visited an elementary school and a high school introducing 78 students to the programme. Since 2013, we have been visiting schools in many countries in Europe to educate students on marine pollution and sustainability. This, however, is a first of its kind programme since it involved training teachers in order for them to become multipliers of knowledge and help educate thousands of students in Slovenia.

The ECONYL® regenerated yarn will be used as a case study in classrooms to introduce basic concepts, to help explain, explore and apply the principles of circular economy in order to prepare and empower students to be part of the much-needed change for the planet and humanity.

Launching this project in Slovenia is a milestone for Healthy Seas as its capital, Ljubljana, is an important and unique station on our journey from waste to wear.

We are thankful to Ekošola for their expertise, vision, and support. Together we look forward to driving the educational community towards a more sustainable future. Until today, 32 primary and high schools have chosen to implement our programme in the 2022-2023 academic year.