Stop eating seafood for 14 days (May 23-June 6)!

Results will be presented on World Oceans Day (June 8th, 2022)

Do your bit to help the environment and support Healthy Seas! The users collect points on the Earnest App and then use them to redeem rewards (Healthy Seas Reward). Healthy Seas receives 1.5€ donation for each redemption.

How to participate

Every user (must reside in Germany to download the app) has the possibility to participate in the challenge (one only needs to be registered). Then they can vote daily on the home feed screen whether they have eaten sea animals or not. After voting, they can see the overall progress of the community.

What do the participants receive in return?

The participant saves C02 and collects points (with which they can later redeem rewards).

Why are we doing this?

We want to do without seafood together for 14 days. This helps to protect our environment, because our increasing fish consumption is leading to drastic overfishing of the seas. According to the FAO, more than a third of the world’s fish stocks are not fished sustainably. This means that more marine animals are caught from the sea than can grow back.

In addition, fishing leaves a lot of garbage in the seas. These include, for example, fishing nets, which pose a great danger to marine life and cannot be without them for you either. According to the latest studies, the so-called ghost nets make up between 30 and 50 percent of marine plastic. Over time, they break down into microplastics that are eaten by the fish that end up on our tables. We don’t yet know what the microplastics will do to you in the long term.

Large CO2 saving potential

Sea creatures help store CO2 by absorbing it through their food.

Small organisms such as phytoplankton absorb the carbon dioxide dissolved in the water and convert it into carbon-rich biomass. Through the food chain, the carbon contained in it is released to other marine life. By separating their feces, which settles on the sea floor, the carbon dioxide is deposited on the sea floor and stays there for several centuries.

*For every day you do without sea creatures, you save 0.1 kg of CO2* (figure by Earnest App)

The app has currently been downloaded over 650,000 times.