We’re launching a new podcast series, The Healthy Seas Podcast! This interview-style show will feature individuals who are doing all they can for healthier seas and oceans, from above and below the waves. Hosted by podcast veteran, Crystal DiMiceli, each episode will be 20-40 minutes in length. It will leave the listeners feeling optimistic about what’s being done to protect this vital source of life and empowered with ideas on how they, themselves, can help.

Our director, Veronika Mikos, was the first to be interviewed for the series. She introduces listeners to Healthy Seas, and brings them behind the scenes of our efforts to prevent, clean, and bring awareness to the ghost gear phenomenon. She tells the story about one of the “craziest” things we’ve done as well as what it was like to approach the very conservative fishing industry as a team of (mostly women!) environmentalists when Healthy Seas was first started.

Future episodes will include divers, fishers, experts, and activists who all have one thing in common- the desire to keep our seas and oceans a thriving ecosystem for all life to enjoy.

You can find The Healthy Seas Podcast on your favorite podcasting app.


What is ghost gear and why is it a problem?

How have fishers gone from being skeptics to being ambassadors of the Healthy Seas mission?

What is the most daring clean-up Healthy Seas has done?

How does Healthy Seas contribute to the circular economy?


Underwater Live Stream with Pierre Yves Cousteau 






What YOU Can Do to Help

Donate to Healthy Seas

Volunteer with them above or below the waves (and even from a distance).

Become a Partner.

Be conscious of the choices you make.