The more obscure and detached a problem is from our reality, the less we care about it. But what would happen if it surfaced from beneath? What emotions would it evoke in us? Would it then be clear that the problem needs to be addressed?

Ghost nets are the deadliest form of plastic marine pollution. Marine life is trapped, injured, becoming prey for other creatures that also get trapped in this endless cycle of death. The direct impact on marine biodiversity is severe. Still, what happens below the surface remains invisible to the naked eye, leaving most people unaware of the problem.

With this campaign, we join other organisations on the International Day of Biodiversity (May 22), to raise public awareness and “bring the problem to the surface.” Through this metaphorical image, we project to the terrestrial, what is happening underwater.

And if that makes people uncomfortable, it will be easier for them to imagine how dangerous it can be for biodiversity.