Sylt is the only place along the German Wadden Sea coast that offers such a vast dune landscape, such a striking cliff and such a long sandy beach. It is such a special ecosystem that it was distinguished to be an UNESCO world heritage site in 2009. Climate change and fisheries interaction are two of the main threats biodiversity faces in this part of the world.

On October 21 and 22, together with Bye Bye Plastik, we organised a beach cleanup and educational activities for 60 students attending nearby schools. The programme included the Healthy Seas virtual reality experience as well as presentations about the harmful impact of marine litter and ghost nets to the environment and our solution to this pollution problem.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this event, was when the kids got to meet Christoph Laß, a volunteer with Ghost Diving Germany who told them about his underwater adventures hunting for ghost nets while also showing them his special gear.

This was the first time we organised an activity at this very special place and we look forward to more such events, together with Bye Bye Plastik, in the future.

The event was also made possible thanks to Hyundai Motor Europe whom we launched a partnership with back in April. They are providing funding towards the implementation of Healthy Seas clean-up and educational activities across Europe.