A warm welcome to sustainable fashion brand Chiara De Concilio that recently joined us as a partner! By donating 1% from every purchase to Healthy Seas, they are supporting us to carry on our environmental projects.

As a stylist and activist, Chiara wanted to tell the story of the connection between sustainability and creativity Made in Italy. Her collections, using fabrics made of ECONYL® yarn, are inspired by the power of humans to create change, in what she calls a new wave of life.

Established in 2012, the brand went on a “sustainability revolution” in 2021, replacing traditional productions and transforming its vision, concept and mission into a environmentally friendly path, by choosing to produce small quantities, using sustainable materials and creating less waste.

“The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth and it is the planet’s life support system. As an activist and open water diver, I am involved in sea cleanup initiatives. Given my deep passion for the sea, I follow the projects that fight for its protection. I think that Healthy Seas activities are fantastic!. I think that all together, we can make bid differences with small things in our life and we can make a positive impact for the planet!“~ Chiara, De Consilio, Founder

To browse through their products, please visit: https://www.chiaradeconcilio.style/

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