Healthy Seas Web Lab: Why Marine Protected Areas Matter Now More Than Ever

Healthy Seas Web Lab: Why Marine Protected Areas Matter Now More Than Ever

Well-managed, well-sized, well-protected marine sanctuaries have proved to have a positive impact on the marine environment while also generating substantial economic benefits by creating jobs and helping fish stocks replenish.

So, why are some community efforts to establish Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) fall on deaf ears while there is evidence that they can help increase fish biomass and biodiversity by as much as 450% and 20% respectively?

In this Web Lab we will hear from:

Dr. Giulia Bernardi (Blue Marine Foundation) whose work in the Aeolian Islands in Italy led to the region being declared a Hope Spot by Mission Blue in December 2020.

Anni Mitropoulou (Cyclades Preservation Fund) will tell us about the tremendous environmental pressures placed on another Mediterranean island complex, the Cyclades in Greece, and what efforts are currently underway to protect the breathtaking islands.

Finally, Shannon Rake from Mission Blue will tell us how the Hope Spot declaration is significant at highlighting local efforts in marine conservation and igniting public support for a global network of marine protected areas, as well as what their intentions are for the Aeolian Islands.

Monday, March 1st, 5pm GMT
Why Marine Protected Areas Matter Now More Than Ever

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About Gelareh Darabi

Gelareh is an award-winning, Canadian-British-Iranian journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is a featured science and environment correspondent with National Geographic Channel and AJ+. Over the past decade, Gelareh has reported across six continents, in over 20 countries, including Haiti, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gelareh has reported on the ground on major environmental crises such as deforestation in the Amazon and the Australia bush fires.

About Dr. Giulia Bernardi
Italian Project Manager, Blue Marine Foundation

Marine biologist coordinating Blue Marine Foundation’s Italian projects. She works on the improvement of Italian marine protection plans and on the encouragement of responsible small-scale fishing practices. She is a SSI scuba instructor and has a PhD from the University Parthenope of Naples.

About Shannon Rake
Hope Spots Program manager, Mission Blue

Shannon oversees the Hope Spots Program working with Mission Blue’s Hope Spot Champions and the Hope Spots Council. Shannon grew up as an ocean lover spending many days at the beach. She began to travel regularly to the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii throughout her teenage years where she grew even fonder of the ocean and its creatures. Her love and passion for the earth and its animals led her to a degree in Environmental Studies and Planning. She began working for the Regional Water Quality Control Board out of college and then transitioned into business management.

About Anni Mitropoulou
Executive Director, Cyclades Preservation Fund

When the Cyclades Preservation Fund, a UK charity launched in December 2017 to support local sustainable initiatives, Anni joined as the Executive Director, driven by respect and care for the unique natural environment of the Greek Cycladic islands, as well as by the confidence that individuals and communities have the power to bring positive change. After completing her post-graduate studies in the areas of International Affairs, Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development, Anni worked for 15 years with Greek and International NGOs and Foundations, in the fields of environmental and cultural management, sustainable development, local engagement, fundraising, communication and human rights. She recently moved from Athens and is now based on Naxos island where she can enjoy the natural beauty of the Aegean Archipelago.

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