We couldn’t be more excited to share the news of our latest partnership with you. Karün, a Chilean B Corp based in Patagonia, has joined Healthy Seas as an Associate Partner Member and together we will work to make a greater impact in protecting the seas from marine plastic.

Karün frames are made using reclaimed, natural and/or noble materials and working alongside local communities in Patagonia as a way of empowering them to protect their wild territories. Different types of waste like metals, fishing nets and ropes from the ocean are collected by local rural entrepreneurs, then recycled through regeneration system technology, like ECONYL®, and turned into long-lasting sunglasses, ensuring the highest standards in quality and performance.

“We believe that the only way we can succeed in changing the way we interact with our planet is through collaboration. Karün today works with local communities in Patagonia to recover ocean plastic waste and other materials and turn them into long-lasting eyewear as a symbol of change. We are constantly looking for like-minded organizations that can help us spread our message, that’s why we are so excited to join Healthy Seas. They share our sense of purpose and we are sure that together we can reach a bigger impact, recover more waste and inspire more people into looking at the world from a different point of view.

Our purpose is to inspire the world into reflecting on the question: “what would the world look like if we understood that we are all nature? We are a whole ecosystem, not above or different from nature and that’s why we feel the urge to protect our oceans just as our forests and deserts and all life that surrounds us.” ~ Daniela Edwards, Brand Manager, Karün

To browse through their collection of sustainable eyewear, visit https://karunworld.com/

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