A warm welcome to Corals of Mars, a sustainable swimwear brand that recently joined us as a Supporting Partner.

Their mission is not to Mars…their mission is to begin a movement, however small, to inspire people to make informed choices about the products they choose to buy and to develop a habit of becoming informed before buying.

By using fabrics made from ECONYL® yarn, they have put their creative energy into products that serve to educate the consumer on ethical fashion-clothing that isn’t designed to be thrown away after a few wears. Add to that their passion for creating functional garments that are beautiful and environmentally kind, and Corals of Mars was born.

“Corals of Mars is the result of ideas, goals, and passion crashing into one another. My entire childhood was spent with toes in salt water, running around in nature, by the ocean head to toe full of sand and loving every animal that’d cross my path. The deep connection I have with the ocean moves me to actively seek ways to preserve it, keep it as healthy as it has kept me, and to do my part ensuring that generations present and future can share as many adventures be oceans as I did. Technology and information are easily accessed today, and we have the power to mix new recycling strategies into the fabric and fibre of the fashion industry. As a designer and a lover of everything nature, oceans, beaches, etc, it is my obligation to do something with this access and make my career valuable for the future of this earth and its oceans and the life in it.” ~ Liuba Munger, Founder

If you want to browse through their reversible and sustainable swimwear, visit: https://www.coralsofmars.com

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