In 2020, DWS successfully converted 73,000 of their customers’ accounts from offline to online mailboxes and by doing so, supported Healthy Seas!

Through this campaign they were able to save*:

  • Around 2,2 million sheets of paper
  • 32 trees
  • 1 million litres of water
  • CO₂ consumption by around 22 tons (transport & production of the respective paper)

DWS has already supported Healthy Seas with a generous donation in 2019 and one in 2020 to buy our MAKO. With this campaign, another 20,000 euros were donated to our organisation to be spent on sea clean-ups and educational programmes.

And it doesn’t end there! An end-of-year survey determined that 49% of loyal DWS customers chose Heathy Seas to receive another 2,450 euros.

We are grateful for the support and we look forward to many exciting activities with DWS staff in the upcoming year.

*Based on internal calculations DWS