As we are preparing to celebrate another World Oceans Day, we cannot help but reflect on the trials and tribulations humanity has faced in the past months and weeks.

It might seem strange to some to make a fuss about ocean protection when there is a virus on the loose endangering our lives and way of life, or when severe acts of human violence and social injustice are occurring around the world.

The truth however is that the same ideology that champions human solidarity applies to protecting the ocean, our source of life.

Sustainability is defined by its three, mutually reinforcing pillars: social development, environmental protection and economic growth. In theory, the set of 17 goals that comprise the UN’s blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, will enable the Earth to continue supporting life. In practice, we must all be a part of the change.

So, this year on World Oceans Day, let’s remember that each one of us is a drop and together, we are an ocean. We have more reason than ever before to acknowledge the power of our united efforts, not only against evils but towards re-establishing a new system that will help humans, and all life on earth, have a thriving future.

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