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Turning a Year of Crisis into a Year of Healing

The unprecedented global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made one thing clear, even to the most sceptical. Our health is inextricably connected to the health of planet Earth.

Healthy Seas sees 2020 as a year of one unique opportunity: to re-establish our relationship with nature, by highlighting the role of the ocean and its important contribution to our wellbeing.

Considering this year as an important milestone for us and the generations to come alike, we have created 3 unique visuals, which will be launched on 3 important dates:

May 22nd
International Day for Biodiversity

June 5th
World Environment Day

June 8th
World Oceans Day


Take Action

Until June 11th 15th, you are invited to send us your videos! Our team will select the most inspiring footage and make a 2 minute compilation which we’ll then share through all our channels!

Specifications: up to 30’’ raw clips, HD or 4K, landscape orientation, natural sound

Footage should be your own and show any of the following:

Breathtaking ocean scenery
(surface, underwater or aerial- it doesn’t matter ;))

Unique (marine) animal sightings in your area of the world that were caused by the slowdown of human activity during the last months

Not shy? Get in front of your camera and say/shout/ cheer “Healthy Seas. Healthy Future”
(why not in your own language :))


Do you know these facts about how the planet’s health affects our own?

Take the quiz and find out!


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