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Over 640,000 tons of fishing gear are left or abandoned in the seas and oceans each year. It is a major environmental problem that requires immediate attention. The Healthy Seas initiative works with volunteer divers to remove the plastic nets from the seas and makes sure they are regenerated to produce a sustainable new yarn. The film follows the divers on World Oceans Day during a mission in Santorini, Greece as they recover half a ton of ghost nets. During an unprecedented underwater live-stream, Pierre-Yves Cousteau described the mission to inspire the protection of the World’s Seas and Oceans.

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The film will be shown at public and private screenings and festivals. For more information or to request a screening, contact [email protected].

Healthy Seas: Mission in Santorini

Directed by: Artemis Samothrakis
Film Type: Documentary
Runtime: 22 minutes 37 seconds
Completion Date: October 31, 2019
Country of Filming: Greece
Film Language: English, Modern Greek

Winner of 2 Film Festival Awards

Thanks to:

Cousteau Divers
Pierre-Yves Cousteau
Noemie Stroh
Brad Bazemore