We are excited to announce our partnership with Aura7 Activewear, an eco-friendly and forward-thinking company, created by devoted yogi and sustainability advocate, Franciska Bray-Mezey. Her dream was to start a brand that doesn’t harm the environment, a brand with high sustainability standards.

“I spend most of my time in yoga clothing, and a few years ago became aware of the problem with fashion and particularly activewear: our clothes are not wearing well on the Earth.  That is why I created Aura7 Activewear, a brand with purpose. As active women, yoga warriors and busy moms, we seek to take care of our bodies and nourish our souls. But the clothes we wear are produced in a way that is not sustainable, often causing great harm to our oceans and planet. Eco-friendly choices have been around, but most are not inspiring or sexy. Welcome to Aura7!”

Aura7 is designed to help the active woman feel confident and powerful no matter where her journey takes her. Like her, Aura 7 garments are beautiful beyond just the surface.  From sustainably-sourced fabrics to eco-friendly packaging, Aura7 is intent on pushing sustainability’s boundaries.

That’s why we decided to partner with Healthy Seas. With your purchase we give 1 percent of all revenues to fund these brave volunteer divers who collect discarded fishing nets and other waste. Our high-end recycled fabrics are made of ECONYL® yarn, which is a 100 percent regenerated nylon yarn derived from discarded fishing nets, and other nylon waste.”~ Franciska Bray-Mezey, Owner & Creative Director

Launching this summer! Visit https://aura7activewear.com

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