Our newest partner is Sacksea! This brand is creating unique bean chairs and Sacksea Eco Pillows, from ECONYL® yarn, made partially from fishing nets recovered by Healthy Seas, as well as other nylon waste. Sacksea will be donating a percentage of their sales to support our environmental projects!

“The percentage of recycled plastics can and should be increased and we are therefore happy to contribute to the clean up & reuse of plastic waste in our new premium design products. Sacksea focuses on raw materials obtained from ‘clean up’ initiatives and gives value to old plastics ‘cycle up’ by incorporating them into our new products ‘bag up’. Our mission is to make recycled plastics “sexy” by incorporating them into our design products” ~ Simon and Jos Helder – Founder and owners Sacksea.

To browse through their sustainable products, please visit their website.

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