Happy to announce our partnership with Ocean Rescue, a new collaborative initiative with a focus on the rescue of marine life and the health of our oceans. They create Australian clothing from ECONYL® yarn, upcycled and repurposed from fishing nets and other pre- and post consumer waste. Ocean Rescue products can be regenerated or remade into new clothing and these are given to young Australians in need. They operate a business to business model for Australian clients creating and supplying clothing tailored to your sports and working environment.

“Living on the east coast of Australia close to the beach and watching our local loggerhead turtles hatch during the year and our beach lifestyle daily, it feels natural to help protect our beautiful environment. It is a pleasure to support Healthy Seas in knowing our wonderful marine life is able to survive and thrive again. Our pristine beaches and ocean environment being valuable to all Australians and the health of our oceans being of significant importance to all.” ~ Anne Luxford, founder

By donating at least 1% from every purchase to Healthy Seas, Ocean Rescue is supporting our environmental projects.

To inquire about their products, contact: [email protected]

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