The seas and oceans are under pressure from many directions, and for years, scientists and environmentalists have been warning the decision makers and public about climate change, ocean acidification and the loss of biodiversity.

It seems that as long as we don’t feel the problems on our own skin, whether it is a tsunami, a pandemic or other catastrophe, we are not taking these warnings seriously. More than 31,000 species are threatened with extinction. Does humanity also need to get on the verge of extinction before we take real action?

The last few months showed us just how fragile we are as a species. That a virus 65–125 nm in diameter can devastate our lifestyle and entire economies and bring powerful countries to their knees. This crisis also showed that the world can be a better place when human activities are at a minimum. With cleaner air and cleaner waters, nature is rejoicing and some of the other “stakeholders” on this planet are regaining some of their legitimate space. Can we learn from this crisis and make a more equitable planet? That is the question!

Having clean and healthy seas and oceans is not just a romantic idea of the idealistic conservationists: our lives depend on it! Having compassion and love for marine animals whether they are beautiful or not, playful or potentially dangerous, is important, since they all have a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems.These ecosystems secure the livelihood for millions of fishermen around the world.  They also provide clean air for billions of people: 70% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the seas and oceans. We cannot wait for governments or the industries or the conservationists to save the planet. We all have a responsibility. We need to reconsider the choices we make, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the waste we produce… Every small act we do has an impact on the environment, on our health and on our future.

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