Would you ever consider a diaper as an art object to fall in love with? WindelManufaktur diapers, the latest addition on Healthy Seas’ list of partners, are our current crush.

WindelManufaktur reusable diapers are the best alternative for both the planet and your family budget: 24 cloth diapers can last you more than a year, while you need more than 3,800 disposable ones for your baby’s first 12 months…

About the company: WindelManufaktur is a small company for reusable textile goods for baby and family hygiene based in Dresden, Germany. It started of in 2012 as a one-woman-company founded by Stephanie Oppitz who began producing her own innovative three-part-diaper made of cloth.  By now, 27 people of different ethnics and religions are working on a wide range of washable hygiene and household products that are normally disposed. Everything is produced in Germany. The swim diapers are the first ECONYL®️ products and they will surely not be the last.

Stephanie Oppitz, founder of the brand, explains her deep connection to the ocean, which made the collaboration with Healthy Seas the logical next step.

“I am always looking for particularly sustainable fibres for our products. For our swim diapers I came across Aquafil‘s ECONYL® and learned about the great Healthy Seas initiative. My family and I love nature and love to spend our holidays by the sea. It was there, especially on the Baltic Sea, that the idea for my cloth diaper brand WindelManufaktur was born. That was almost 10 years ago. So I have a special connection to the sea and find it so important to free it from all the plastic waste and protect the living organisms in it.

We want to care responsibly for us, our families and nature. This is the meaning of our products. It makes our hearts bleed to know that the use of disposable diapers can lead to so much damage in the Seas. That’s why we produce reusable textile goods for baby and family hygiene. We are so happy to have found ECONYL®️ for our swim diapers!”

To check out their original products, visit https://www.windelmanufaktur.com/en/
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