Connection exists on many levels.

We have known for a long time that environmental pollution has no borders. Climate change is not making a distinction between countries, having a global impact. Fishing gear that is abandoned or lost in one part of the world is carried to another by oceanic currents.

Today’s crisis is not a warning but a rude awakening to make us realise we live in a small world where one act can have global consequences. Our actions as a race have brought us to this point. We have been too busy in our cities and our jobs, spending, consuming and discarding, to have an actual connection with Life. When faced with scientific evidence about the effects of our destructive practices towards nature and other life forms, we continue at the same pace.

Let’s try to learn from our isolation by slowing down, connecting with nature and respecting its bounty because what we are living through might just be the planet’s way of containing a virus.

At Healthy Seas, although the current restrictions are interrupting our diving and education activities for the time being, we are fully operational and continuing to advocate for sustainability and healthy seas and oceans as well as developing new online applications. We are still planning many exciting projects for this year and feel energized because we believe the environmental movement will come out of this situation stronger than ever.