With Bracenet, everyone can become an ambassador
for the protection of the seas.

Our partnership with Bracenet began as a solution to fulfill a need. Not all nets are nylon so they cannot all be regenerated into ECONYL® yarn. That is why we started to cooperate with Bracenet, to re-use other types of plastic found in fishing nets. Over the last few years this partnership has flourished and has been successful toward achieving our common goal:  raising awareness about plastic pollution and the importance of clean and healthy seas!

Bracenet upcycles recovered ghost nets into beautiful accessories by hand. The results are bracelets, dog leashes, keychains and more – successful conversation starters – since their original fishing net appearance works as a reminder of the ghost net issue. Therefore, everyone can become an ambassador for the protection of the seas with Bracenet. Additionally, a fixed amount of up to € 5 for every product sold is donated to Healthy Seas, enabling us to recover more ghost nets.

To discover their products and learn more about their mission, visit their website.


“ Healthy Seas is not only an organization which makes a difference by helping our oceans to turn the tide and create a healthy marine ecosystem, but above all they are such an important partner for us. We are more than happy, proud and thankful for our close collaboration. ”

~ Benjamin Wenke & Madeleine von Hohenthal, Bracenet

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Behind the Scenes

Thanks to Bracenet, German travel vloggers Ania & Daniel Geh Mal Reisen followed Ghost Diving volunteers while on a mission to recover ghost nets from a wreck in Greece.

An amazing behind-the-scenes video that casts insight into the motivations of the people that make Healthy Seas possible.

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