ecofluencer [eco·flu·encer]
A person with the ability to influence environmentally friendly behavior by promoting it on social media.

A few months ago our partner Bracenet announced they would carry out a competition to find the first ecofluencer! The winner will travel around the globe for three months (May 2019 – July 2019) in the most sustainable possible way, talking to politicians, companies, non-profits, looking into and sharing solutions as an ambassador for the seas and oceans.

We love it when our partners pour their hearts and souls into our common mission of protecting the marine environment so we gladly accepted Bracenet’s invitation to be part of the jury who would help decide the first econfluencer!

Bracenet received over 300 applications and on Saturday, March 23rd in Hamburg, only the 10 finalists got to join the casting and take on the 3 challenges designed to help us pick the ultimate winner!

(updated April 2nd, 2019) Congratulations to Jenni from Germany for becoming the 1st #ecofluencer!