Last week Healthy Seas and its partner DeFishGear started the operational cooperation that aims to collect and reuse abandoned or discarded fishing nets in the Adriatic Sea.

The Port of Ancona will be the first “collection point” of this national project, made with the involvement of fishermen, divers, local government, scientific research, NGOs and Aquafil, biggest nylon producer in Italy that developed the ECONYL® Regeneration System, and innovative industrial process that transforms fishing nets and other nylon waste into new ECONYL® yarn.

The meeting focused on the first activities to be undertaken: a collection point for discarded fishing nets and for those collected from sea (“ghost nets”) to be implemented in Ancona, and the activities to be carried out with the support of our diving team in Croatia.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of ISPRA-Chioggia, a partner of the DFG, the CNR of Venice, partner of another project of recovery of fishing nets funded by the European Commission, Garbage, responsible for the management of waste in the port of Ancona and Komaros, group of divers and local fishermen in Ancona.

Everyone has contributed in terms of expertise and support activities, enriching the debate and proposals for collaboration among all participants.


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