Sunday 13 July, another clean-up dive took place in the Dutch North Sea. One of the shipwrecks our Healthy Seas volunteer divers paid a visit to is the Chamber-pot wreck. The diving trip was fully sponsored by the Dutch ASN Bank, with the money that Healthy Seas won in the Sustainability Battle last year:


The Chamber-pot wreck is one of the 56 shipwrecks in the Dutch and Belgian North Sea. It is completely covered by all kinds of fishing nets and gear, which injure and kill many marine animals. The divers visited the wreck already in April, but returned last Sunday because there’s much more work to do. They managed to clean the wreck of more than 100 kilograms of nets; a very good job!

As planned, our divers continue the battle against lost gear by performing 28 clean-up dives in the Adriatic and the North Sea this summer. During these dives they will recover ghost nets and other fishing gear from many shipwrecks. Four additional trips are being planned in the North Sea with the Dutch company PAN Salvage. Because the trips are very dependent on good weather and a reasonably calm sea, last–minute cancellations are possible.

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Photo: Cor Kuyvenhoven