Excited to welcome Noa & Co to our growing list of partners. They will be supporting Healthy Seas by donating at least 1% from every purchase of their sustainable salon haircutting capes, to our activities.

This woman-owned sustainable salon attire brand was founded with the goal of providing professional hairstylists with thoughtfully designed, sophisticated, and functional salon-wear essentials.

Their first product, the ELVTE cape, has a smooth surface across the back creating a flat palette for cutting and styling mid-length to long hair. Best part is that their fabrics are made of 100% regenerated nylon yarn!

“Noa & Co is proud to partner with Healthy Seas in hopes to continue their efforts in working hard to cleanup our seas. Because our oceans are an important component of our Earth’s ecosystem, it’s imperative that we do what we can to preserve it. Our company’s values were founded on sustainability and we feel it’s our responsibility to give back in any way we can.” -Founder, Chenoa Brookins

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite hairstylist? Visit their website https://noa-and-co.com/

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