On November 21st and 24th, Healthy Seas was invited by the Moraitis School in Greece, to spread awareness to 150 students about ghost fishing and our circular economy solution.

A beach cleanup was organised by our supporting partner VV Conscious Swimwear whose founder, Valentina Vasilatou, is an alumni of the school. The kids were excited to become active citizens, collecting over 30 big bags of all kinds of litter from the Agios Spyridonas beach in Porto Rafti, near Athens. Some of the students took the role of scientists, recording small pieces of plastics found on the seemingly clean beach. The event coincided with World Fisheries Day and we took the opportunity to explain the significant role of fishermen in preventing litter from ending up in the seas.

In the following days, Healthy Seas team members visited the school for an indepth presentation of our work, explaining the sources of plastic pollution and the threats that abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded fishing gear pose on marine life. The coordinator of Ghost Diving Greece, Nikos Vardakas, joined us with his gear, to inspire the students about exploring and conserving the underwater world.

We are thankful to all who made this possible and look forward to more activities together!

Are you organising an education programme and want to invite Healthy Seas? Email Konstantina ([email protected])!