The word “dula”comes from the local Filipino language meaning play. It is thus fittingly the name of our new partner Dula Australia that specialises in wear needed to play and stay active. They will be donating a 1% of each sale of their sustainable product line to Healthy Seas.

All of their activewear is made from recycled materials and their swimwear is made from Vita by Carvico which uses ECONYL® regenerated nylon.

At Dula they hope to inspire others with their passion for sustainability because they know that waste would look much better on you than in the oceans.

“We had been looking for a non-profit we could donate a percentage of our sales to, and through research we stumbled across Healthy Seas. Their mission to collect waste and to turn it into a valuable resource caught our eyes. And since we use ECONYL® yarn for our products we wanted to work with them to help make a positive impact on our environment and society. We were inspired by the beautiful blue water in the Philippines and wanted to do something to help them stay this way and not polluted with plastic waste.” ~ Mao Shizuka

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