We are delighted to announce our parnership with SHARK REBELLION, a Swiss competitive swimwear company that fights for the ocean. They will be donating at least 1% of their proceeds to our environmental projects.

SHARK REBELLION produces high performance swimwear for training and competition. All of their products are made of recycled materials, like the fishing nets collected by Healthy Seas.

“We joined Healthy Seas to help and support their important mission. At SHARK REBELLION, we are all swimmers, deeply connected to the water.
We dedicate an important part of our life to the sport. For us it is important to respect and take care of the environment that allows us to grow and strive. Water is the cradle of life, and so we must protect it along with its inhabitant. More than a statement, it is our mission to contribute to its preservation. This is the foundation of our company.” ~ Hoàn Nguyen-Xuan, Founder

Recently, they hosted a virtual education workshop for 163 6th grade students of the Munich International School to raise awareness about marine pollution and how to combat it, while showcasing Healthy Seas!  Throughout the dynamic presentation they talked about life choices, the environmental challenges the oceans face today and kept the students engaged as well as inspired them to think how they could help create a more sustainable future for the next generations.

Hoàn says “It all starts with education.” We couldn’t agree more!

To browse through their products, please visit: https://sharkrebellion.com/