We are delighted to welcome our newest supporting partner, coming  from Ireland.

a o i f e® has an ethical approach to the production of their designs and is driven by the desire to create versatile products that assist organised lifestyles. They offer handcrafted luxury products that combine functional style with modern, innovative and sustainable materials such as ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn.

“Plastic pollution is a top threat to ocean ecosystems affecting hundreds of species through entanglement and ingestion which changes natural biological and chemical processes, toxins are introduced to our food chain threatening public health, this has to change fast. We need our oceans to prosper and survive and this is why the a o i f e ® brand are supporting and donating from every product bought online to Healthy Seas; this way they can continue the wonderful work of recovering waste from our seas and protecting the world’s oceans. With modern research and developments, we have alternative options in this exciting new world of fashion choices. This is not “throw away” fashion. aoife® is an environmentally conscious slow fashion brand.” ~ Director of the brand, Aoife Rooney

To browse through their beautiful products, please visit: https://aoifelifestyle.com/