Whether you are an architect, a designer, a creative or a consumer, prepare to experience our 2nd webinar: Designing for the Planet with OBJECT CARPET.
What does design that prioritises ecosystems look like? How do you respect resources and deliver on human comfort, form and function? In this special event, OBJECT CARPET and ECONYL® talk real circularity and a paradigm shift in design and productions that delivers on both aesthetics and environmental ethics.

Two mind blowing success stories of the circular economy, innovation and commitment to healthy seas and a healthy future.

Monday, July 20th, 4pm CEST
Designing for the Planet with OBJECT CARPET

Two more Healthy Seas Web Labs will follow in September. We’ve made sure you’ re going to be hooked. Stay tuned!

About Lucy Siegle

Lucy Siegle is a writer, broadcaster and journalist on nature and climate. In her work she often follows supply chains to expose climate and social justice issues. Her book To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World saw her unravel the environmental and social footprint of the global fashion industry and forms the basis of The True Cost, the Netflix feature documentary on the same subject. Lucy co-founded the Green Carpet Challenge with Livia Firth and for 14 years was an environmental columnist for The Observer Magazine. She appears as a rare presenter who talks about environmental issues on prime time shows, namely The One Show and ITV’s Tonight programme. Her book, Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (and you) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again is published by Orion. She is a trustee for Cornish based ocean charity, Surfers Against Sewage, chair of the Real Circularity Coalition that campaigns for a green and circular economy.

About Daniel Butz & OBJECT CARPET

Since 2006 Owner and CEO of OBJECT CARPET Specialized in International Management, Corporate Management, Management Accounting & Controlling.

Since 1972, OBJECT CARPET has stood for quality, design and innovation in the commercial property sector. A sense of aesthetics and colour, in combination with advanced production techniques, results in elegant designs in the form of wall-to-wall carpets, acoustic carpet tiles and rugs. With over 1,200 styles and colours as well as individually-customised products, the OBJECT

CARPET collection offers a unique diversity for modern interior design, manufactured from high-quality raw materials.

About Martina Santoni & ECONYL®

Martina supports Aquafil customers and partners in the promotion and communication of the ECONYL® brand.

ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a product that can help you close the loop.

Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world is transformed into ECONYL regenerated nylon. It’s exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources and this is the reason why ECONYL® regenerated nylon is used by prestigious fashion brands and textile flooring manufacturers who use this fiber in their design creations.