Who better to help us raise awareness about healthy seas, than divers? We are very happy to announce our partnership with DiveCircle, a diving experience operator based in Rome that is an expert in over 250 diving destinations and 150 diving cruises for your diving holidays.

DiveCircle is an online service provider for sea lovers, allowing them to book their entire sea discovering and scuba diving experiences in just a few clicks while also highlighting the topics of sustainability and marine protection to dive centres all around Italy.

All divers who book their trip through DiveCircle will receive a pair of Healthy Seas Socks and in return, Healthy Seas will receive a donation of 10 euros for every diver.

This unique partnership will not only help us raise funds toward more environmental activities but more than that, it will help us draw attention to the ghost fishing phenomenon that is responsible for the death of millions of marine animals each year.

To book your next sustainable diving holiday through DiveCircle and support Healthy Seas at the same time, visit: https://www.divecircle.com/it/