We are excited to announce that Talia Collins, a swimwear brand that uses luxurious Italian fabrics made of ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn, has joined Healthy Seas to donate 1% of profits to our environmental initiative.

Talia Collins, former Vogue Paris stylist, has combined her love of fashion with her concern for the marine environment, to design timeless and sustainable swimwear using ECONYL® . Talia grew up spending her summers on the coasts of Brittany and the South of France, where days spent swimming and walking the coastlines fostered a respect for the ocean and an understanding of the need to protect it.

“Today, every brand should be thinking about how to be more conscious and responsible. I really wanted to raise the consumer’s awareness to the fact that fashion, is the world’s second-largest polluting industry. We should all be thinking about giving fabrics and industry by-products a new life, which is why my collection is aimed at women who care about their clothes, where they come from and their afterlife.”

To browse through their beautiful collection, visit: https://taliacollins.co.uk/