We are happy to welcome Menesthò on board Healthy Seas! The company gets its name from one of the Oceanides (the nymph daughters of the Titan Oceanus (Ocean)) in Greek mythology and is a pioneer in vibrant ethical fashion by combining unparalleled design and sustainable materials of highest quality, such as ECONYL® yarn.

We asked Vicky Grivas, Creative Director of Menesthò:
Why did you join Healthy Seas?
Because you are the source of the good. Cleaning the oceans and providing the raw material for our fabrics.
Why marine protection is important?
Ocean life takes more than 70% of our total earth surface, therefore it is the big picture and big changes will happen only if we act big!

Menesthò is a luxury, sustainable brand that uses eco-friendly and recycled fabrics to create luxury swimwear and resort-wear. Their unique swimwear designs are handmade in London.

For more information or to browse through their products, visit https://menestho.com