A warm welcome to our new partner Crystal Flow, which now also joins our fight against deadly ghost nets and donates to Healthy Seas 1% after every purchase.

Crystal Flow designs are inspired by nature – Caribbean beaches, wild waterfalls and rugged coastlines of Europe and North America. The sportswear designs are made with 100% regenerated material, ECONYL® yarn, and manufactured ethically in Europe. But Crystal Flow is more than just sustainability, it is an adventurous, nautical lifestyle.

“I have always been fascinated by the sea. Its strength, power and also perfect calmness at other times. It gives me energy, inspiration and peace all at once. After living on a Caribbean island, I really understood the importance and magic of the ocean & its sea life. To be able to combine my work and help to protect what I love just feels fulfilling and simply makes me happy.  This is how ‘Crystal Flow- out of the ocean’ was born.” said Birgitta Tafelmeier, Founder of Crystal Flow.

The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas divers and fishermen are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality yarn. Healthy Seas is an open initiative which developed learning-by-doing. We are open to creative ideas and new partners.

Learn more about Crystal Flow and their beautiful products here.