“The ocean is, put simply, the planet’s life support system which is why it is so important that we protect its health. If we continue along the current trend, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050, a scary prospect. The effects we are having is already devastating – 100,000 marine creatures and an estimated 1 million birds die from plastic entanglement and consumption every year. At least two thirds of the ocean’s fish stock are suffering from plastic ingestion which means that you and I are in turn consuming these toxic chemicals. The effects are extremely real and they are accumulating on a daily basis. At Marble Swimwear, where our products are made to be enjoyed in the ocean and on the beach, we felt compelled to act responsibly as a company to preserve this precious resource for future generations.

The fabric we have chosen to produce our collection with is made from 78% recycled fishing nets and other post-consumer waste. Meaning that, by wearing our collection you are actively removing waste plastic from our oceans. Partnering with Healthy Seas was the natural next step for us. We wanted to give back to an organisation that facilitate this and close the Ocean to Ocean loop.”, said Sian Lakin, Founder of Marble Swimwear.

The ocean is the planet’s life support system and our best playground, we have a duty to protect this vital ecosystem for future generations.

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