A warm welcome to our new partner Selvaggi Swimwear from Mexico, an eco-conscious brand committed to helping the environment and using the regenerated ECONYL® yarn. The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality nylon yarn.

“There is something very satisfying about taking marine litter out of the sea and turning it into a swimsuit which someone can then use to swim in a cleaner sea. We are very excited to welcome Selvaggi Swimwear on board for Healthy Seas!”, said Veronika Mikos, project coordinator of Healthy Seas.“According to a recent report, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. We all have to work hard against it, not to let it happen.”

Selvaggi Swimwear now also joins our fight against deadly ghost nets and donates to Healthy Seas 1% after every purchase.

Norma García López, Designer/Founderof Selvaggi Swimwear shared her thoughts with us: “Marine protection is a very important matter in my life because I think and believe that I can start making a change in the world to be a better place. I can start encouraging people with my brand and inviting them to care, to let them see the importance of caring for our oceans and the environment in general. It’s where we live, and because of it WE LIVE. Nature is the greatest treasure we have, nature helps us to live… why do we have to destroy it then? We were meant to live on this planet in harmony with plants, animals and humans… So, I want to make a change in people’s mind and encourage them to shop and consume sustainable and eco-conscious products, products with a cause behind. With a beautiful unique swimwear, we are celebrating nature, celebrating our bodies, celebrating life.”

You can browse the Selvaggi Swimwear products at their website: https://www.selvaggiswimwear.com/