A warm welcome to our new partner Re-Athlete, a sustainable sportswear brand that stands for positive change and for distinctive sportswear made with the regenerated ECONYL® yarn. The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality nylon yarn.

“Healthy Seas is an open initiative which developed learning-by-doing. We are open to creative ideas and new partners. We are very excited to welcome Re-Athlete on board!”, said Veronika Mikos, project coordinator of Healthy Seas. “Cooperation between various stakeholders is key to success. We can’t save the world alone, but by doing something good we hope to inspire others to follow.”

Re-Athlete now also joins our fight against deadly ghost nets and donates to Healthy Seas 1% after every purchase.

“The pollution of the oceans is one of the biggest problems of our current society and it is our responsibility to counteract it. With our sportswear made of the recycled ECONYL® yarn, we want to offer a sustainable alternative for athletes, teams, and clubs and sensitize as many athletes as possible to the mentioned problem. This wouldn’t be possible without the great work of the Healthy Seas Initiative. We are very happy to build a direct partnership with the people who liberate our seas from ghost gear.”, said Johannes Skowron from Re-Athlete.

You can browse the Re-Athlete products at their website: https://www.re-athlete.de