We are very pleased to have a new partner SALT Clothing on board, a sustainable brand designed in Milan and Made in Italy with the regenerated ECONYL® yarn. The fishnets collected by Healthy Seas are brought into the ECONYL® regeneration system, in which they are transformed into new, high-quality ECONYL® yarn.

“There are several important initiatives to clean up and safeguard the seas. The nets collected by Healthy Seas are not sent into landfills or burned. Instead, they are recycled in order to create high-quality products what the public, the consumers can recognize and choose. And with their choice of buying something good, they support a good cause and this way we can organize more sea clean-ups, for example.”, said Veronika Mikos, project coordinator of Healthy Seas.“The Healthy Seas initiative is really exciting, because it brings together a whole range of stakeholders and because it is solution based. We warmly welcome SALT Clothing on board!”

Contemporary chic, essential, with a remarkable identity, a strong focus on fabrics quality and simple cuts. SALT Clothing aims to inspire a sustainable and elegant lifestyle concept. SALT Clothing now also joins Healthy Seas and donates us 1% after every purchase.

“SALT Clothing happily and responsibly joins Healthy Seas to meet the challenge to design contemporary chic garments while creating environmental culture and awareness.”, said Luca Franchini, founder of SALT Clothing. “Marine protection comes naturally at SALT Clothing, a project established by a designer and a marine biologist. The sea is not only work, passion and the inspiration of a lifetime but, most definitely, always the best place to be.”

Learn more about SALT Clothing at: http://www.econyl.com/blog/case-studies-fashion/salt-clothing/