Between 11 and 16 April the Healthy Seas diving team of six divers formed by Greek and Dutch volunteers executed several successful clean-up missions in Greece. This first Healthy Seas diving action of the year ended with huge results!

The team made six dives in total at the M/V Portugal shipwreck (Makronisos, Greece) at the depth of 32 meters. Our divers removed approximately 75% of all the nets from the wreck. The M/V Portugal, was a cargo ship build in 1946 and sailing under the Belgian flag. Loaded with ore, cotton and corn she sank on October 15, 1957 after hitting the Tripiti reef at the North West of Makronisos island. The reef is now liveable and safe again for its sea creatures.

Besides this, another clean-up mission took place at Karystos Reef (Evia, Greece) where the divers removed big ghost fishing nets which were lost on a local reef covering a very large area.

View the pictures of the Tripiti reef at Makronisos or the Karystos reef at Evia or watch the videos below to get a full impression of the mission.

Thanks to our partners MEDASSET-Mediterranean Association to Save the Sea Turtles , Ghost Fishing and the support of Planet Blue Diving Center, AquaTec Diver Training and Dikelas Dive Center Fishing Store for making this happen.

Mission accomplished!

Photos: Cees Kassenberg and Areti Kominou