On April 30th, Healthy Seas met with students at the A.Volta middle school in Ancona, Italy to explain how the initiative works and to talk about the collaboration with local fishermen at Ancona Harbor and DeFishGear.

Maria Giovanna Sandrini from Aquafil explained the dangers of ghostnets and why it is important to recover them and other marine waste that is extremely hazardous to marine wildlife. Sandrini went on to explain how Healthy Seas not only removes marine waste from the sea but how the waste is regenerated into yarn for new textile products via the ECONYL® Regeneration System. The children got to see firsthand nets that had been recovered by Healthy Seas and the new textile products generated from marine debris.

Similar initiatives are scheduled to be held near Den Oever Harbor in the Netherlands where the first and largest Healthy Seas collection point was established.

Here the presentation (in Italian) guided by Nylla, the leading character of a mobile game developed by the Aquafil Group to explain the ECONYL(R) Regeneration System to the next generation. The game is available for free download in the Apple Store.