If you attended the last Biennale Interieur 2014 in Belgium last October, you might have seen a cutting edge concept bar inspired by classic fishing gear and ocean waves.

We are talking about the Gone Fishing Bar, realized by Healthy Seas partner Interface, in collaboration with a Swedish design trio consisting of Charlotte Ryberg, a designer who focuses on product design, Marcia Harvey Isaksson, interior designer, and Fritz Håkon Halvorsen, architect, with great experience of exhibition work.

The concept was all around fishing and the sea – a kind of global local fishing village – that reflected the small-scale and universal aspects alike. The team got hooked on the idea of combining sustainable fishing and the fishing traditions of old with ocean waves inspired by Japanese woodblock prints to create an attractive, modern restaurant environment.

With this unique idea Interface won the “space category”and had the opportunity to both showcase their products and at the same time raise awareness on the issue of ghost fishing nets, showing that there is a concrete possibility to do something good with waste nets, like a beautiful new carpet. In fact, the materials the team chose to use for the floors, walls and furniture were supplied by Interface and were made using ECONYL® regenerated yarn.

“We are pleased and proud that the designers chose interface carpet tiles in their winning proposal. It proves that our materials and designs reflect the spirit of our times in modern, environmentally aware interiors. The design team also chose interface because our products are more than the material they are made from; they all have a story to tell.” says Ann Charlott Lade, Nordic Marketing Manager for Interface.

Congratulations Interface!

Gone Fishing Bar entire photo album here