Last weekend, 27 September 2014, the Healthy Seas North Sea clean-up season ended. Our divers sailed out for their last ghost fishing expedition of this year, joined by the German television station ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) who filmed the trip and will make a documentary of it which will be broadcasted soon on ZDF!

The shipwreck they visited was the Panago, an old steam cargo ship at around 20 meters depth. They fully cleaned the wreck, removing more than 100 kilograms of fishing nets from the ship. More information about the different shipwrecks Healthys Seas cleaned this summer can be found on our activities map »

Photos of the diving trip can be found below. Here’s some footage of the day, filmed and produced by volunteer diver Marco Garitta.


Healthy Seas mission: North Sea, 27 september 2014 from Ghost Fishing on Vimeo.