From next week onwards, the 40 fishing boats based at the port of Den Oever in The Netherlands will start to collect their waste fishing nets for Healthy Seas. This is one of the results of the cooperation between municipality, harbour personnel and Healthy Seas. On Monday 1st of September a contract is co-signed by the alderman of the municipality Hollands Kroon, confirming the intention to work together towards a sustainable waste disposal and cleaner seas.

Following the agreements made during the last month, a collection point for these fishing nets has been set up in Den Oever harbour as well. Approximately 30 tons of nets are expected to be collected every year. When the collection point is full, the nets will be picked up by Healthy Seas partner Nofir and recycled into ECONYL® nylon yarn in the Aquafil factory in Slovenia.

Alderman Theo Meskers is thrilled with this unique cooperation: It achieves three things at once: The local fishermen can dispose of their old nets for less costs, nets and other nylon products are separated from the main waste stream and the oceans become cleaner and healthier. Mike Mannaart confirms this: “This definitely is a step in the direction of a sustainable economy. I hope other ports will follow, so we can build a national collection system for used fishing nets.”

At this moment similar cooperation’s are being founded all over Europe. Healthy Seas net-collection points have been opened in Italy, Belgium and Croatia.