Last Saturday 7 June our Belgian diving team the Ecoduikers performed their first clean-up diving trip in the North Sea. Their target shipwreck was the ‘Branlebas‘, a French class Destroyer, built in 1907 and hit by a German mine in 1915. There were two large trawl nets located on the wreck.

Diving conditions were perfect so the team had a very succesful trip. They managed to clean the complete Branlebas wreck and even continued, starting to work on a second shipwreck – the Gracie Fields! This resulted in a total amount of 500 kilograms of fishing nets by the end of the day!

The next Belgian diving expeditions is planned for 5 July. Keep an eye on our Facebook for the updates.

Watch Saturday’s teaser video made by Ecoduiker Erik De Groef.