Last week, Healthy Seas signed the partnership agreement with Generation Awake. Generation Awake is an awareness-raising campaign about resource efficiency. It is about using resources sustainably – doing more with less and minimising impacts on the environment – and about making the right choices to ensure a good quality of life, for generations to come. Businesses can use this to their advantage as well. Increasing efficiency can save costs. Sustainable products and new services open up new markets. Innovation can increase competitiveness and create new jobs.

Generation Awake was launched in 2011 by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for the Environment to encourage a shift towards a more resource-efficient Europe. In 2014 the campaign focuses on better waste management – one of the key elements in achieving the goals of the green economy. Healthy Seas – with its innovative regeneration cycle – serves as an appealing and inspiring business case for Generation Awake.

Generation Awake organizes a designers contest aiming to spread the principle of upcycling and reuse of materials among young creative people. The competition also wants to spark a reflection about the finitude of resources, the value of waste, and the power of creativity to solve environmental issues. Our Healthy Seas socks – made of recycled waste, including fishing nets – are offered as a prize to the winners of their designers’ contest.

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