The Healthy Seas new website has been launched today, March 3rd 2014. Almost a year ago Aquafil, the ECNC Group and Star Sock established the ‘Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear’ initiative. The main objective of the Healthy Seas initiative is to remove waste, in particular fishing nets and other marine litter, from the seas for the purpose of recycling these into textile products.

Many things have happened since then, we have started our pilot in the North Sea region, with the aim of cleaning up waste nets from some of the 56 wrecks in the Dutch and Belgian North Sea area. We have joined forces with new partners, both organizations – commercial and non-profits. We have expanded our goals indentifying new pilot regions that are heavily fished and hold many shipwrecks where waste fishing nets tend to accumulate.

With such an intense year, it became increasingly strong our need to provide the public and the people involved with a new website that enclosed all this information. This is why the new website is built around three main elements: marine protection, regeneration and products. Each element tells a part of the journey and offers appealing ways to fully experience it. Visitors can discover how waste is being turned into wear and meet the many Healthy Seas partners. They are also invited to get on board and actively join in. An interactive blog gives updates about progress and products, and is supported by a set of social media channels to bring you the latest activities.

We are happy to present you the official Healthy Seas website, so please feel free to surf it, share it and let us know if you like it!

Did you get inspired and want to make the difference with us? You can support the Healthy Seas initiative in many ways, discover them on our ‘What you can do’ section!