The Healthy Seas pilot project in the North Sea region is showing very promising results so far, thanks to our divers, our partners and all the other helping hands. Along our journey from waste to wear we got to know many organizations – commercial and non-profit – that spare no pains to protect the beauty and health of our oceans. Hereby we’d like to officially welcome our two new partners Norsk Fiskeriretur AS (Nofir) and Fonda Fish Farm.

Nofir is a nationwide recycling system for the Norwegian fishing and fish farming industry. Nafir recover discarded fishing equipment from various sites along the Norwegian coastline. They also collect fish farming fish farming nets, cages, ropes and feeding tubes directly from fish farms and they also arrange the dismantling and transportation of the gear.

The Fonda Fish Farm raises fish in environmentally friendly conditions. As part of their eco-friendly fish farming, Fonda use meshed cages that float free in the open water of a fish reserve in the Piran Bay, Slovenia. Fonda’s fishing nets are stitched by hand and they are turned in to Healthy Seas for recycling.

So, how about you? Talk to us and find out how joining Healthy Seas is not just about making a great contribution towards healthier marine environments. It really is a win-win opportunity for any organization, with great benefits for our new partners, too.